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Path of Exile es un videojuego Free to Play que bebe del subgénero de los dungeon crawlers con perspectiva isométrica instaurados por la conocida saga Diablo de Blizzard, donde debemos recorrer escenarios generados de forma aleatoria mientras acabamos con enemigos, encontramos mejoras para nuestro equipo y hacemos más poderoso a nuestro personaje a medida que subimos de nivel.

Aunque el juego es completamente gratuito no existe ninguna restricción en el mismo, siendo su único sistema de monetización una pequeña tienda virtual donde adquirir elementos adicionales de juego que en ningún caso desbalancean la experiencia de juego.

Seis clases de personaje, un enorme árbol de habilidades completamente personalizable, tres capítulos de juego con más de una docena de áreas cada una son algunos de los credenciales de Path of Exile, cuyo desarrollo pretende ser continuado a largo plazo ampliando todos estos aspectos.
Updated 06/03/2014
Path of Exile 1.1.0: Sacrifice of the Vaal

- Added a final encounter with Queen Atziri and her guardians in the Apex of Sacrifice.
- As you explore Wraeclast, you'll occasionally find Vaal-influenced secret corrupted areas that are indicated by a glowing, beating heart and swirling ribbons of blood.
- The Vaal civilization may have existed thousands of years ago, but it had its own form of Skill Gems.
- Added a new currency item: Vaal Orb.
- Added over 60 new boss monsters for secret corrupted areas.
- Added a new monster to Act One and Act Three: Soulless Watcher.
- Free-for-all PvP is available in the Sarn Arena.
- Added 13 new Unique Items.
- new cosmetic microtransaction skins.

Full changelog HERE.
Updated 23/10/2013
Path of Exile 1.0 is here!

- Added the Scion, Path of Exile's prestige character class.
- Added six new world areas (in all three difficulty levels) across three new tilesets.
- Added a grand finale boss fight.
- Added eight new end-game Maps
- New Four-Month Challenge Leagues.
- New Skills.
- Guilds.

Read the complete Patch Notes HERE.
Updated 18/09/2013
Version 11.0.5 patch notes

- Cooldowns have been changed significantly in this patch
- You can now access the microtransaction store in-game by pressing M
- Added a consumable microtransaction - Skin Transfer
- Shadow rendering has been improved
- New content (items, effects, etc)
- Balancing changes
- Minor bugfixes

Full Changelog HERE.
Updated 29/07/2013
0.11.2e patch launched

- Added two new cosmetic microtransactions: Iron Maiden Helmet Effect and Black Cat Pet.
- Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when pressing the up arrow while in chat.
- Fixed a pathing error in the passive skill tree - the two 8% nodes in the Primal Spirit cluster were incorrectly connected.
- Fixed bug where you couldn't stream while playing in certain aspect ratios.
- Added an error message to the streaming tab for better feedback when problems occur.
- Fixed a bug in automatic bitrate detection when streaming.
- Fixed a bug where selecting the "Auto" options for streaming quality wouldn't save in the settings.
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